Achievements of  2013

1.        550 cholarship recipients of TCF in the academic year (2013-2014) have passed final year examination, only 15 have
to seat for second exam or might have to repeat the class

    o        10%  (  35 university students) performed well
    o        20 % (  62 students) at grade A (Học sinh giỏi)
    o        35 % (115 students) grade B (Học sinh khá)
    o        30%  (128 students ) grade C (Học sinh trung bình)
    o        5%    (  15 students) grade D (Học sinh yếu)

2.        Winter this year TCF has donated 250 Warm  fleece suits, 300 blankets  to children  and 600 recycled rice bags to 600
patients in remote villages. These products were made by the women at risk areas and human trafficked survivors.

3.        80 women of Phu My and Phu An of Phu Vang has finished the third course (6-month course) of Basic Education for
Adult program (Xóa Mù Chữ). They all now can read, write Vietnamese fluetntly and sign their own names clearly. Upon the
completion of the first course, these women have also been accepted to the microloans program of CESR (Center for
Encouragement of Self-Reliance).

4.        40 man and women of Quang Dien have finished the net weaving course, they now can earn money from weaving net

5.        In 2013, TCF has helped to complete 10 ground dug wells in mountainous villages


In the new academic years, 30 of  TCF scholarship students were admitted to  several universities and there were 2 students
have gained access to Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Congratulations to all students!

On behalf of all TCF scholarship students, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks you all for having the heart to
contribute to the TCF education fund in the academic year 2013-2014. Your supports have given hope and help to make the
future brighter for poor students (and women) in remote villages of Viet Nam.
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