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TCF Mission Statement

The Compassion Flower (TCF) is a California based non-profit public benefit corporation under America law, and has been
granted tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS code.

Our mission is to promote mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation, respecting and lasting peace among all people.
We desire to bring assistance to underserved children, students, orphanages and promote community health care
programs in remotes communities. We deliver programs to support the human trafficking victims and combat against the
human trafficking crime, including but not limited to benefiting impoverished people in South East Asia.

Our goal includes

  • Providing funds for educational and community healthcare programs to meet emotional, social, nutritional and
    psychological needs for underprivileged people in remote areas.
  • Helping victims/survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution, pornography, the virgin seeking
    industry, whilst also addressing the escalating practices of gender-based violence violating the human rights and
    dignity of women and girls.
  • Promptly respond to local and international relief efforts for victims of nature disasters.

We are dedicated to true impartiality, working without discrimination as to race, religion, or class. In providing aid, we will
be guided solely by the dire needs of the people and will give priority to the most urgent cases of distress. We are neutral
and independent, and will remain disconnected from any hostilities or controversies or any government organization.
efforts are currently focused in South East Asia; however, we are hoping to broaden our scope wherever possible.

We have several approaches to achieving our main goals in the coming years:

  1. Help develop and further educational aids for students in need in remote villages through the contribution of funds,  
    stationaries, textbook, uniforms, bicycles and equipment.
  2. Help maintain affection centers for the care of elderly men and women and care for ailing elderlies in remote areas.
  3. Provide medical care to the poor by funding supplemental medical and food costs for surgical patients in hospitals,
    contributing supplies and equipment to local clinics as well as organizing medical mission trips to serve poor people in
    highland tribal villages and coastal or swampy villages.
  4. Raise awareness of human trafficking by working with local women’s associations to discuss the dangers of human
    and labor trafficking problems.
  5. Create Self-Empower Program for trafficked survivors, people at greater risk of being trafficked and disabled women
    with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency and self-empowerment for them. This program not only provides additional
    tools for them to achieve both financial and self-empowerment, but also enables them with a means that they can
    contribute to their families.

The service we provide is a voluntary relief movement not prompted in any manner by desire for gain. 100% of all
donations will be sent directly to people in need. To ensure that 100% of donations reach the victims, all TCF members and
volunteers pay for their own expenses (vacation time, airfares) to execute TCF works in South East Asia.
1. Education

The Compassion Flower supports in developing education aids and ease
suffering to poor students in remote village of Viet Nam. Our goal is to help
students to improve the quality of education, narrow the education gap
between villages and urban areas and encouraging children to expand their
horizons and ultimately improve their lives. These supports include:
  • Building schools from kindergarten to grade 3 for poor children to et
    the basic education
  • Donating uniforms, bicycles,  
  • Scholarships for poor students in all levels from primary to University.
  • Enrich the libraries for primary and secondary schools in remote
    villages of Viet Nam.
  • Organising free tuition classes for poor students of year 12 to help
    them getting good results in final year examination, as well as having
    chances to be accepted to university or any institutions where they
    wish to continue in tertiary education.
  • Literacy Training classes: TCF successfully organizes  Literacy
    Training classes for women (age from 25 to 50, whereas some of them
    are survivors/victims of human/labor trafficking) in remote village of  
    Thua Thien Hue. This has helped improving these women self-
    confidence and self-esteem.
3. Anti-Human Trafficking

Anti-human trafficking has become a big effort of TCF in the last5
years. TCF has found and assisted 4 groups of victims of human
trafficking (sexual exploitation or forced labor).They primarily come
from the coastal areas or  the mountainous area of Thua Thien Hue
and Quang Tri.The victims from coastal areas are frequently
misinformed or deceived by traffickers with promises then taken to
big cities to be sold into prostitution. Once the victims fled or were
rescued, TCF then to helped them with treatment, found a place for
them to stay (for those who dared not come back to their families),
then encourage them either return to school or vocational training,
depending on what is feasible and available.

  • Self empower Program: TCF has helped trafficked survivors
    and women at-risk areas through the business of producing
    "recycled bags." TCF procures materials and machines, hired
    professional tailors to train the women how to produce recycled
    bags, blankets and clothes as well as to learn the art of sewing.
    The skills attained at the completion of this training program
    enables them to either apply for jobs in sewing factories or stay
    with the TCF sewing group to earn money by making recycled
    bags. This program provides these women additional tools to
    help achieve both financial and self-empowerment, as well as
    providing them with a means by which they can contribute to
    their families.
  • Human Trafficking Campaigns: From 2006, we have
    worked with several women unions of Huong Thuy, Phú Vang,
    Aluoi and Hue City and in conjunction with VA-NGO network
    organizing Human Trafficking Campaign to discuss about the
    dangers of trafficking, identify the criminals (traffickers) and
    their victims, sharing experience, exchange of information. The
    study also identified a high risk of HIV/AIDS transmission,
    social evils and human trafficking that these migrant workers
    may face.
  • Each year TCF  organizes 2 Adult  Literacy Training
    classes for 60 women (age from 25 to 50, whereas some of
    them are survivors/victims of human/labor trafficking) in
    remote villages of Thua Thien Hue.
4. Disaster Relief

    Almost every single year, central Vietnam struck by at least 4
    typhoons resulted heavy floods and landslides in many provinces.
    The typhoons, floods and landslides kill people, destroy and
    damage houses, roads, schools, and health clinics. The flooding
    contaminated water sources damaged rice crops and family
    reserved food. Especially in the years of severed storms and
    persistent flood as 1999, 2006, 2007 and 2008. In such situations,
    The Compassion Flower team often quickly distribute instance
    noodles, rice, clean water making kits, condensed milk, sugar, salt,
    noodles, warm clothes and cash in responding to the need with
    hope to give them the means and strength to get back to normal
2. Healthcare and Social Well Being

Medical aids to tribal people in highland and people in coastal villages
TCF organises the medical mission trips (long trips and short trips)  to
remote areas of Thua Thien Hue (either to high mountain or swampy
villages along the coast). Each long trip is 7 day long, the Traditional
Medical (eastern medicine) team stays in the village to treat (accupunture
and accupresure), distribute medicine and educate people on health-care
issues. For the short trips are mainly carried out by the western medical
doctors and nurses. There around 1000 patients in the 7-day trip and
300 patients in each 1-day trip through examinations, treatments and
dispensing drugs and donating gift pack to each patient. The total number
of patients being served in all trips could reach in 2000.

  • Hygiene program to remote villages: We carried out a series
    of awareness programs and conducted trainings on various health
    and hygiene matters, women and children in remote villages. Our
    efforts helped the communities to see the link between health and
    hygiene conditions in their area for better health and better quality
    of life.
  • Support poor handicaps and patients
    There are many poor patients waiting to be treated but they can not
    afford the doctor/hospital expenses. TCF fulfil their needs by paying
    for medical and hospital expenses. Supported patients are identified
    during visiting trips of The Compassion Flower, most of them are
    from the remote villages, where basic services such as rehabilitation
    services yet to be established. However, due to the budget
    limitations, we can only support one or two cases per year
    depending on the need and priority of each case.
  • Comfort homeless elderly and ailings in remote villages
    Elderly Center
    TCF contributed to the construction of a nursing home for homeless
    elders (in 2004). Since then TCF has partly provided monthly food
    expense and occasionally brought medicines and clothes to these
    nursing home residents.
    The Poor Ailing Seniors:
    For those old people who are very poor and still live with alone in
    remote villages, TCF team members visit  and provide them some
    relief after a natural disaster to ensure that they are wearing the
    proper clothing, having enough blanket to stay warm and enough
    food to survive. We also organise yearly winter mission to  delivery
    blankets, warm clothes, food, and medicines to  elderlies in all
    remote provinces in central of Vietnam (Quang Binh – Quang Nam)
  • Orphanage:
    Every year, we  organises  several visits to orphanages  in Thua
    Thien Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang. In each visit  we spend a whole day
    to teach and  play with the children. We also provide financial aid for
    child sponsorship, medical assistance and construction to improve
    the living conditions of orphans.
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