Gop Mot Ban Tay
Music Of Hoang Trang & Trung Hieu
Hoa Vang May Do
Cuoi Cung Cho Mot Tinh Yeu
Bích Ngọc
Suoi Toc
Guitar: Hoang Trang;
Mandoline: Anh Dung
Music of Van Phung
Tinh Nghe Sy
Music: Doan Chuan-Tu Linh
Guitar: Hoang Trang
Mandoline: Anh Dung
Giot Mua Tren La
Liên Trần Smith

Congratulations to Mrs. Liên Trần Smith on her successful painting exhibition in Brisbane, Australia (11-21 June- 2009). Remarkably, was the
emotional sense painting “Five Kilos of Rice” (inspired from a picture of TCF disaster relief photo album).
click here to read a full report from the Brisbane local news. A big thank to Liên for donating  total amount from the sale of the "Five Kilos
Of Rice " to the poor people in Viet Nam (taken care by The Compassion Flower  )
The original picture
Lien with her painting
Five Kilos Of Rice"
Frank Schubert
Performed By
and Chi
Ru Đời Đã Mất
Guitar - Hoàng Trang;Mandoline - Anh Dũng
    The video clips below are dedicated to TCF late  member (Thu Hao) who was actively
    involved in several fundraising events from 1998 - 2003.

Please on song to see the clip.
           (Please click here to download the video LoiCuoi)
Father and Son Video
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