Advisory Boards
Le-Quy Nguu:
Advisor; Medical Team
Lead in Viet Nam
Lisa Iavelli
Lisa Iavelli
Dr Trung Hieu Dinh
Dr Hieu Dinh is married to Dr Trang Hoang (The
TCF Australia Chief Representative). They now
running the For Life Medical Clinic in Springvale
Australia. Dr Hieu Dinh community work started
since early 1980s, he was a key member of
Vietnamese Australian Youth group, Hoa Nien, in
Melbourne Australia. Dr Hieu earned a degree of
Dentistry at Melbourne University. Dr Hieu is also
the sound engineer of The Compassion Flower
Fundraising concert. Dr Hieu often travels to
Vietnam for TCF medical missions.
Lisa Iavelli has been working for Qualcomm Inc. as a Systems
Analyst since mid 1990s and has been with the Compassion Flower
for the past five years. Lisa's humanitarian work with TCF was
inspired by her friend, Ngoc Nguyen, who worked in the same
department with Lisa at Qualcomm. Even though Lisa  has never
been to Viet Nam, her work for TCF in America is very
remarkable.  She has been involved in fundraising, advertising and
advising for several TCF events, as well as culture orientation for
newly arrived Vietnamese students. Lisa enjoys gardening and has
recently started taking piano lessons. Her favorite Vietnamese food
is Pho, Bo Luc lac & Banh Canh
Board Of Directors
Thu-Trinh Le
Vice President
Tuan Hoang:
Mai Khuong:
Mai Khuong is a Vietnamese American who lives in Orange
County, California. She has a Bachelor's degree in business
from San Diego State University. After graduating, she worked
for Merrill Lynch for over a year, then went on to obtain a
Master's degree in education from San Diego University. Upon
her master degree graduation, Mai taught at San Diego County
for several years before move to Orange County, California.Mai
often travels to Vietnam to help carry out the mission of The
Compassion Flower. Ms. Khuong works with the Treasurer to
manage the budget of The Compassion Flower and helps
prepare financial reports. She also helps prepare various
brochures for The Compassion Flower.  Mai sings
professionally and also  is an excellent cook. Mai often prepares
food for The Compassion Flower fundraising events.
Thu-Trinh joined TCF since 2005. Trinh earned
a Bachelor of Linguistics, major in English, from
the Hue University of Pedagogy. Upon
graduation, she taught English in several high
schools and language centers before migrated to
The United States in 2005. Trinh now lives in
Orange County and works at Applied Medical
Resource Corporation in Rancho Santa
Margarita, CA. Trinh has been taking part in
organizing several fundraising events for TCF in
America. Occasionally, Trinh travels to Vietnam
to carry out the TCFs’ humanitarian missions.
Tuan Hoang is a Vietnamese American who lives in  California. He
earned a Bachelor degree at UCSC in Computer Engineering and has
more than 23 years experience on various high-tech companies in
Silicon Valley such as IBM Global Services, Mountain View, a
Siemens-Nixdorf/EDS in San Jose, and  Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto.
Tuan  is currently working for a California State Public Transit System
company in the Bay Area CA, as a senior Telecommunications
Engineer. Tuan is interested in devoting his free time to participate and
to promote non-profit Vietnamese social activities and  has also shared
the common goals of the other Directors of The Compassion Flower
for years. Tuan  enjoys hiking, biking and golfing at his hometown in
San Ramon.
Ngoc Nguyen, PhD.
Ngoc Nguyen left Vietnam for Australia in 1981. She earned a Bachelor of Electronic and Computer Science at Latrobe University, and  Master degree in computer science
and Business study at RMIT University in Australia. Ngoc worked for several private sectors and government organizations before leaving Australia for the USA in 1998,
and worked for Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego. Ngoc resigned from Qualcomm in late 2007 to work as a freelance consultant, so that she can manage time for her
philanthropic pursuits. Ngoc was inspired by her mother's devotion to the impoverished people since childhood. At 12 Ngoc started her charity works with Red Cross,
Girl Scout group for disaster relief efforts. After 1975, she had been supporting the orphans, disable and mental illness people at Kim Long Orphanage in Hue (run by the
nuns of Kim Long convent) till the day she left Viet Nam (1980). On her first trip back to Viet Nam in 1989, Ngoc was again struck by the impact of her mothers’ works
for misfortune people in remote villages of Central Vietnam. And in the years since, joined by her friends Ngoc has worked to continue similar charitable efforts and
formed The Compassion Flower in 1990. Ngoc directly participates in carrying out The Compassion Flower's mission in Vietnam. Ngoc
earned  a PhD in Public Policy
and Administration at Walden University.

Australia - Singapore
Dr Trang Hoang:
Chief Representative in Australia
Thuong Huynh: Australia Representative
Dr Trang Hoang, left Viet Nam in late 1980s for Melbourne, Australia.
Trang earned a degree of Bachelor of Medical from Monash University.
She has been practicing in several hospitals before joining Dr Trung-Hieu
Dinh in operating the For Life Medical Clinic in Australia. Apart from
being a very experience and charming physician, Dr Trang Hoang is also
a very talented musician. She can play 6 different musical instruments.
Besides Trang also has a gifted voice which attracts the audiences in
every single concert she participates. Trang is a key member of TCF in
Australia, she also goes to Vietnam to carry out the TCF medical mission
for the tribal people in the high mountain of Viet Nam
Thuong Huynh is a Vietnamese Australian, who is one of the
founders of The Compassion Flower. Thuong earns a
Bachelor Of Computer Science at Melbourne University. She
has been working in IT field for several government and
private sectors since graduated. Thuong has always been a  
great member as well as a great donor of TCF in the last 20
years, she also travels to Vietnam  to carry out the mission of
The Compassion Flower. Thuong loves reading and meditation
on her free time
Anh-Dung Nguyen: Chief Operating Officer in Australia
Thanh-Thuy Nguyen: Assistant Treasurer
Mrs. Thuy, Treasurer Assistant, has 18 years experience
in Academic environment; Thuy earned a Bachelor degree
of Science at Swinburne University, Melbourne . She is
now working at Taylor's College, Melbourne Australia.
Thuy has been helping Ngoc Nguyen to manage the fund
accountancy for TCF in the last 10 years efficiently.
Thuy went to Vietnam for TCF disaster relief mission of  
in the last several years
Mr Dung Nguyen earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and
Electronics at Melbourne University, Australia. He currently works at  
Salmat Pty Ltd as  IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager. At
childhood Dung often helped his mother in pursuing the humanitarian
works in Viet Nam. Inspired by his mother works and spirit, Mr Dung
and his family members are heavily involved in The Compassion
Flower missions. Mr Dung Nguyen is also a key member in the band
playing for TCF fundraising concerts.
Thuy Duong Ho:
Singapore Representative
Huan Pham: Fundraiser Team

Huan Pham is a Vietnamese Australian. Huan graduated from
Monash University with a degree of Information Systems  in  
1991. She had been working at JBWere and Goldman Sachs
for 3 years as a computer programmer and currently works
at Telstra, Melbourne, Australia. Huan loves reading, crafts
work, swimming and table tennis. Huan has been actively
working very hard in all The Compassion flower fund raising
events in Australia.
Thuy Duong is TCF representative in Singapore. She has been
assisting TCF in funding and various charitable activities. In July
2012, Thuy Duong joined TCF team as interpreter for USNS
Mercy Pacific Partnership 2012 at Vinh City, Vietnam. Thuy
Duong earned her Bachelor Degree from National University of
Singapore in 2010. During her study, she spent some time in
Sweden and Japan for various courses and trainings in urban
planning and sustainable development. Thuy Duong worked at
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for 2 years before joining
an architecture firm as a project manager in 2012. She has a
strong passion for traveling, photography & dance.
Thu-Huong NGUYEN,

Phuong-Tien Hoang
Thuy Phuong HO

Khanh Thu Tran
Ngoc-Phu LE
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Just Shy
Mr. Le Quy Nguu, a oriental medicine physician, is the Lead all of TCF medical missions in Viet Nam. Currently, he is practising the oriental medicine at the Duc
Loi Y Quan clinic, 44 Hai Trieu street, Hue.
Professional background
  • Bachelor of Science at SaiGon Agriculture and Forestry University (1973-1975)
  • Graduated the 3 year course on Traditional Medicine Standardization, Hue University of Medicine
  • Graduated the Lectureship on Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Institute, Hanoi, 1994
  • Acting as a commissioner of the Board of Directors of Thua Thien Hue Oriental Medicine and Pharmacy Association
With more than 30 years of medicine practice and research, he has written and published 25 volumes of  books and dictionaries which cover all issues from health,
oriental medicine to Vietnamese Nom Script (old Vietnamese language). In addition, he was awarded and won a great number of big prizes such as
  • Knight of Information technology in Viet Nam, 2005, E-Chip, for his public domain software that converts Vietnamese to Han Nom font.
  • First Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Award, Hue, 2006
  • Scientific and technological creativity in Han Nom characters, Thua Thien Hue, 2007
Also, he enjoys doing humanitarian works, especially has a deep passion in bringing the Traditional Medicine to the poor in remote and isolated areas. Also, at Duc
Loi Y Quan Mr. & Mrs. Le offer free treatment to poor patients  and all members of NGOs all over the globe.
In may 2010,
The Free clinic “Nhân Ái” was opened for operation in An Cựu City, Nhan Ai Free Clinic is a private clinic established and financed by Dr LeQuy  
Nguu and his wife (physician Trân Thi Như Đức) to serve underprivileged patients from all over places.
Members & volunteers in Viet Nam
Cam-Tu TRAN:
Vietnam Chief
Cam Tu earned a Bachelor Degree at DHSP (Pedagogy
University) HCM City. Upon her graduation at DHSP,
Tu worked for  several private sectors before returning
to Hue to work at Viet Quang Electronic appliances
company. Tu  joined TCF team since 2008, in mid
2011 Cam Tu accepted the position of Vietnam Chief
Representative. Tu handles all legal issues of TCF in
Viet Nam. Tu also involves with several projects such
  • Job - Creation for the women in remote villages,
  • social well being for elderly
  • and supporting patients before and after the
Giang-Tran HO:
Lead of Education Team
in Viet Nam
Giang-Tran has been doing volunteer work
with TCF in the last 10 years. Tran is the key
member of TCF in Viet Nam as she not only is
the TCF liaison officer but also holds important
role in education mission. Apart, Giangt-Tran
carries out most need assessment of all cases
and handles urgent situation on behalf of the
TCF leading team. Tran loves music and
reading, especially watching soccer matches.
She earned a  Bachelor of Science in Marketing
at University College Dublin, Ireland.
Chief Operating Officer in Vietnam
Bao-Quyen LE
Vietnam Representative
Quyen Joined TCF in early 2016 as an
assistant to the Chief Representative in
Vietnam. Q
uyen main role is
interacting with students, and people in
the target communities.
Quyen earned
a M
áster Degree in Chemistry  at Hue
Pedagogical University.
Tâm earned a bachelor degree in History at
Hue University. Tam's charity endeavor was
inspired by her mother humanitarian work.
Tam joined TCF in early 2000s and have
been involving in different TCF’s missions
in rural areas of Thua Thien Hue. Tam has
accepted the position of chief operating
officer in Vietnam since June – 2014
Xuan Mai is close friend of Dr Hoang Trang at
high school. In late 2006, in responding to The
Compassion Flower call (passed through by
Hoang Trang) for Xengsane typhoon disaster
relief. Mai was actively raising significant  amount
of money within her company (PV Drilling) and
promptly sent to TCF representative in Hue to
support victims in affected areas. Since then Mai
has always been trying to raise fund TCF
missions. In September 2008, Xuan Mai flew to
Hue from HCM city to join  TCF for medical and
education missions.
Mai is now working as an accountant at PV
Drilling. Apart from dealing with numbers at
work,  Mai spares her time for family, church,
music and reading.
Thuy-Tram Ho:
Education Team in
Viet Nam
Xuan-Mai Vu: Viet Nam
Representative, HCM city
Tram has been doing volunteer work with
TCF in the last 10 years.She carries out
need assessment of most education cases.  
Upon her graduation, Tram headed south
for her career endeavour. She is now
working for the Credit Agricole bank in
HCM City. Tram handles TCF works in
southern Vietnam provinces. Tram reads,
writes and speaks English fluently. Tram
loves music and reading, especially she
often spends her spare times to visit the
ailing and poor students in remote villages.
Anh-Triet TRAN
Logo Design Artist
Thanh-Huyen NGUYEN

Nhu-Hong PHAN

Thu-Huong NGUYEN

Phung Nguyen-Viet
Mong-Le TRAN

  Ngoc T PHAN

Thuy-Phuong HO
Ngoc-Phu LE
Thuyen T DINH
Phuong-Tien HOANG
Volunteers  in Australia & Singapore
Phuong Phan
Steve Russell
Linh Nguyen
Khang Nguyen
Nguyen-Viet Anh Tuan
Angela - My- Roan
Katherine  Roan
Phuong Nguyen
Jeniffer - Nhi - Roan
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